It has been a while since I actually wrote anything here so I thought I'd post en masse today. First of all I try to keep up to date with Linux today feeds and yesterday i came across this video. "If the matrix ran windows" i think it's really funny and worth a look find embedded...

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Secondly, I have been tweaking my intrepid looks a lot and here's is what I have come up with. If anyone wants tips on how i did this leave a comment.

I also think blueproximity is one of the best utilites out there. It basically watches for bluetooth devices in the vicinity and reacts to that distancec based on your settings. My laptop for example is pair with by blackberry and I make blueproximity lock my screen / launch screensaver or whatever. You can even make it shut down you laptop or explode it (your choice) but my point is that it is a really maleable tool that makes it very handy.

I have been dabbling a bit with wine as well and wine-doors as you may have noticed the flash and dreamweaver icons on my desktop. They are just there to make me look like a web developer. They actually work in Linux. Provided you have a serial and a disk or setup, You can even get the CS3 incarnations to work. I like the old school ones, though because you know when you write good actionscipt that they will work no matter what.

I have also been learning the proper way of writting PHP classes. With __constructs and _destructs and so on. Been helping out a friend with this lately it is quite handy I must say know some good OOP. Like it's always written in those OOP books, after learning how to use objects you wonder how you had been working without them before. That is actually true.

I have also made a few minor tweaks to my website. I now have a little widget that gives short bursts of news, and when there is not new news item, it falls back to what i'm doing on twitter... web services mmmmm.........