So I have been quite on this stage for a very long time for not very obvious reasons. The most pertinent however was that a lot was happening at the time so I had absolutely no time to post anything to this blog. Having said that, I still have a lot going on but I have reduced my to do list to such an extent that I can spare a few minutes to write this.
I have changed jobs again I am no longer doing as much development work as I used to but there's always been some element of code to the jobs I usually go for and this one is not an exception. At some point I will be having to do quality assurance on this job (as soon as I find my feet) so borders here I come. My job title however is Website and Information Systems Manager, which happens to be right down my alley as I actually did an MSc in Information Systems Management. So I suppose in an environment where people are getting laid off and so on and so forth I am one of the lucky ones to be doing what I actually want to be doing.

I recently got a phone blackberry upgrade. I now have the Curve (8900), which runs absolutely faster and is a much welcome upgrade to my pearl which I think had had enough of me for a while. Obviously I had to go looking for the latest platform software and did the upgrade myself which went off without a hitch, having said that I have not seen any great performance enhancements but hey - ho.

I will definitely have other things to write about in the coming weeks but for now I'm a bit hungry so off to lunch.