While I have been a bit busy working on my now live web project,I have had absolutely no time for anything else. It seems like there's a negative correlation between "time to finish project" and and "amount of work done". Now that it's out I thought I should look at more news and get back into the "know". And then I stumbled on this article based loosely on an interview with Linus Torvalds from a link from lifehacker.

I found this to be a good welcome back as I read a bit about the distributions he likes and dislikes. Granted that they might be for different reasons from all of us but it still made me glad that I had noticed the same sort of strengths in a tool for productivity.

Following is a snippet from the interview he's talking about what he likes about a distribution and why he would use one. The relative difficulties of installing an operating system on a piece of hardware and so on.

"Yeah, I can do it, but it kind of defeats the whole point of a distribution for me. So I like the ones that have a name of being easy to use. I've never used plain Debian, for example, but I like Ubuntu. And before Debian people attack me - yeah, I know, I know, it's supposedly much simpler and easier to install these days. But it certainly didn't use to be, so I never had any reason to go for it."

Read it yourself for a full story. In any case it's good to be back and a relief to be done with this project.