I just realised how long it has been since i actually wrote here so I thought i should do this now. It's been a really hectic month and finally i got my masters dissertation proposal out of the way, a supervisor and a topic. The work starts now...

In the meantime i have been giving Fedora 9 a go and so far it's been fedora. I think I prefer Ubuntu but having said that fedora is easier to use now. I still have personal issues with yum and this new packagekit going round but that's just me.I prefer aptitude apt-get and synaptic or gdeb and all.

It took a lot of tinkering to get some mp3 support and sound working but on the whole it's pretty solid with performance. Maybe i'll post some screenshots of what it looks like now

But what bugs me is the fact that in trying to provide a solution to rhythmbox not being able to support mp3s out of the box fedora tries to get me to spend 28 Euros on a fluendo decoder pack which i think is ridiculous.

But I can understand what that would be the case though...

nuff said