As it turns out, I am now mostly windows free. Over this week I have aggressively weaned myself off the offending Operating System. I removed all NTFS partitions recreated a nice trustworthy ext3 table layout and a swap partition on my production laptop and now I'm proud to say that I have not regretted this at all. All I really needed windows for was Flash CS3. I have Flash 8 working Flawlessly through wine, I also have my visual paradigm suite which doesn't need a compatibility layer as it runs on Java and Netbeans.

I needn't any dreamweaver applications as I work with code predominantly. So I can confidently say that my Freelance web development will not suffer because of this decision.

I came to this decision over the weekend when it took me about ten minutes to get into windows vista and another five minutes to get word 2007 running with Live messenger. It also took an additional 5 minutes plus to get any music out of Media Player. I thought I had had enough. Vista has this weird attitude of not playing nice with my apache and mysql services. This is obviously not a problem at all with Ubuntu “Intrepid Ibex” at that.