I have always wanted a desktop blogging client. Something like what drivel does or bloGTK, I was slightly jealous of the Live Writer by Microsoft and there was no way I was going to use that because I think the whole Live suite just slows down my laptop to a complete crawl. And I use Ubuntu mainly anyway except when I need to do flash.

Today I restarted my quest for finding a desktop blogging client and although my efforts to find one had resulted in me installing scribefire and just logging on to wp-admin on my blog and using the browser, I stumbled on one tool which I had previously ruled out because I had to pay for. The The Sun Web Log Publisher. Today I went there again and lo and behold I could download it for free. So this here is actually a test run of it. After installing the extension in open office writer, you will have to restart it to see changes. Personally, It took a while to realise I had it on my main tool-bar but it's there. And also clicking on file → send also gives you a to weblog... option. You will have to configure it as usual but I think if you have a blog, that should not be a problem.