It has taken me a long time to get to this point. The point where I can actually take my eyes off my laptop screen and look at the TV for a few minutes for a while. The Maplin UK Snooker Championship is on on BBC and it's really fun watching even if it's in the background.

I can afford to watch this because I am now cleaning up my references and appendices and little bits of formatting preparing to send my first draft to my supervisor. My dissertation is in Methods and Tools for testing SOAP-Based Web Services... yeah a mouth full.

It is however done though. I had a few misgivings about writing it all in with my ubuntu laptop seeing as everyone uses Word and I was going to be using openoffice and then converting to a .doc file to email it out, but I think I was being silly. Open office 3.0 has been up to the task and i'm really pleased to say my dissertation was done using 100% open source tools.