Is Lift the Zend Framework for Scala?

Having perused web frameworks for Scala over the past few weeks, I have come to a realisation. I have found that Scalatra was the easiest to get going on, Play! framework was the easiest to stay on and Lift had the most documentation. Now this is reminiscent of my initial foray into MVC frameworks for PHP a while back when I was looking for a framework to use on a day to day basis. The reasons I chose Zend was that it had everything, everything I could want to do with PHP on the web and even off it. What it also had was healthy  backing on both the community level and even enterprise level.

I like the Play! framework for its ease of use. I have been able to almost port the entire website over to a Scala framework within a matter of a few weekends and this is coming from a Scala beginner perspective. This is with using version 1.2.3 I believe, I have noticed that version 2 is going to have much better Scala support built into it. Currently though it's not the most natural fit for Scala. What I did find though was Lift framework was exactly built for Scala. The problem with it though, just as I found with Zend was that it was all well and good getting the coment chat app to work nicely, but when it came to doing my own stuff, I needed to understand a lot more than the tutorial gave me.