So here have i written this python class to interact with a great music webservice called audioscrobbler... the one behind it all works RESTfully and it's all good.

I am able to probe user profiles and recent tracks and so on and so forth down to the favourite artists and such. There is one problem though... where does this all fit in the greater scheme of things?

I mean where do i put it? What do i do with it? There are a million and one applications out there... plugins... scripts for audio players... even facebook applications. So this begs the persisting question. What am i doing writing another application. Well in my search for further insight into Service Oriented Architecture and XML based technologies and REST and SOAP and all those web 2.0 terms, i thought i should move my re-birth in python towards that direction.

Having said that i think the python xml package is really brilliant and i now realise why i liked python so much when i started learning it. Ease of use... in about an hour i had a complete application written and implemented by on class. One method of function that fetches and caches profile specific information and and another that parses whatever xml data audioscrobbler returns.

Maybe i should take this as a valuable self-taught lesson in XML data processing and write my one feed reader ::yawn:: like that has not been done before. I am even contemplating writing a GUI in glade for this thing but then it's still a motivational issue for me right now.

Any ideas anyone....?