I have been putting this post off for quite a while because, I was really busy on some really time sensitive project. In any case I have a minute to finish writing this.

I just moved on to another company after about 4 years of working in the public sector. I can’t say the change has been very easy as the work ethic is very different. Having said that, it has been a very exciting change. Really tight deadlines, where you still having a job really depends on you actually meeting those deadlines. I have not even had time to deal with my own stuff and as a result some private projects suffered a few set backs. I suppose I will now have a few hours in the weekend to sort them all out and so on.

I have been working on new things especially in Rich Internet Applications as against scripted web applications. Same difference to me though,the language is just different. At the new job, there is a strong focus on MVC in ActionScript 3, where as I had been doing a bit of that myself in PHP so there is not a big leap there. The leap however for me is that after about 5 or so years of working with ActionScript 2.0 I have had to make the jump to ActionScript 3.0 a lot  stronger typed and Object Oriented. Not too difficult as I am used to the OOP way of working by now. It’s just in Flash there are so many quirks that sometimes don’t make sense to me one of which I point to here.

Enough about work and boring stuff… I will be going to Ghana for about 10 days sometime next week. That should be nice… I hope… In any case, it’s supposed to be a break and I hope it will be.