I never thought I’d be talking about using such a heavyweight IDE to write code in a scripting language. After the first iteration of a project I’m actively working on, I thought I should set up some versioning for this project, prompting me to go through the subversion server set up on my home Ubuntu Hardy server following these instructions.

After this I wanted an IDE that had subversion support and my regular Komodo-IDE was not cutting it anymore. I had heard there were extensions and so on. But with svn you usually want something baked into the whole shebang!!!!

So enter Netbeans -  I had tried it earlier (6.1 i think) on and the PHP support was flaky at best. 6.5 however did a better job at supporting PHP. I discovered this using netbeans for my MSc Dissertation when I needed to use the SOAP – UI plugin to test SOAP – Based web services, i stumbled on support for PHP projects.

I must say besides a few annoying quirks like Netbeans showing me warnings I can’t filter out in the output window it is a pretty solid IDE. A bit heavy on the memory consumption side than say Bluefish, or gPHPEdit, or even :::sigh::: gecko powered komodo but I think I will be using it for a while to see how well it does.

On a related note:

So after a few weeks of tinkering and reading up on the facebook API we finally have a workable facebook/mokocharlie application. It basically takes any picture you have on facebook (preferably a portrait picture) and makes it into a magazine cover. Then saves it back to any other application you want.

The was written with a lot of PHP and the GD image manipulation library.

Give it a whirl and let’s know what you think. You can also post comments on the mokocharlie group page telling us what you think about it.