It's been so long posting on this blog that I had even almost forgotten the username and password to log into this wordpress dashboard. Having said that, I am settling into this new job and also trying to juggle a few things.

Mokocharlie market is on top of my "things-to-do-in-my-free-time" pile right now. Merging lots of PHP and jQuery, i'm trynig to build an intuitive interface for our mokocharlie market/ad service platform. It works like a social platform where people post ads that appear on the website. This by no means is fully integrated yet and there are still lots of platform issues and policies to sort out, but this will come with time.

At the moment ads are placed by the website administrator and that is far from ideal as we will need a solid payment, heirarchy, and scheduling system for our advertisements.

I was also at the Queen Mary's College, of the University of London last night for an open evening. Currently thinking seriously about a PhD next year and apparently you have to start making tracks now. Will look into Birkbeck's programme this evening as well as they also have an open evening.