Following from a post i read about how to install IBM Lotus Symphony Productivity suite for Linux on Ubuntu, and being such an inquisitive Ubuntu user, i decided to download and try this for myself. I would like to mention here that I will not be talking about how i got this installer or the steps to install it, it's all covered here but i took this a step further as I am running Gutsy Gibbon i.e Ubuntu 7.10.

I must also make you aware of what sort of machine i am running this software on

Processor: Intel Centrino duo 1.66 X 2

Ram: 1024 MB

Free Space on /home: ~13GB

Free Space on /: ~4.5GB

Intel 945G integrated graphics (Not that this makes a difference)

Also worth noting was that i did not have any extra effects running, simply metacity

When you download the .bin file and run it from a teminal i.e /directory/where/bin/file/is ./binfile.bin, you should see a verbose inflation process, where a setup folder is created in your current working directory and setup.bin and supporting folders and files are created. the first bin file cann be referred to as an archive if you wish.

From then on you basically need to change into that directory and run the setup.bin file and a nice installer starts up from then on you can either accept the default /opt/... destination for the installation or specify your own.

My Experience

Before i was able to start it up i needed to change permissions on my ~/lotus folder as the owner for some weird reason was not myself. (thanks andylockran for that).

Once any of the applications in the suite is launched there's a splash screen to sort of warn you that you have started this application, so don't click on anything else for a moment

splash image

And then a splash image is chased by the opening window

First page

Because it's built on Eclipse/Java etc it seems a little sluggish on my machine. Having said that the interface on the Word Processor does look impressive. It seems to have things readily available and the word processor has a few nifty tools worth mentioning. Tools such as the model designer, and the graphics library, where you can add pictures, clip art, animation and a lot more to your document..