It's that time of the year again when i get very restless. Restless in terms of how current I am with technology, what i'm using and that time when i consider using something else besides Ubuntu Linux.

When that time arrives, i am always on the prowl for something to test - another distribution, another operating system (certainly not windows though). And it's always around that time when there's an Alpha 5 Version of a new Ubuntu Distribution hence compelling me to use Ubuntu still.

As i write this with drivel journal editor in Gutsy Gibbon, I am running "update-manager -d". It's in Alpha but that's the fun. I love clicking on that upgrade button just to see things change and become more stable.

I suppose that is what keeps me from trying to install FreeBSD 7.0 on this laptop, because Ubuntu always seems to have something for me to try out. If not anything there's always Debian, but at my pace Ubuntu has always been it for me.
We'll see I suppose with this new LTS version, if Ubuntu will keep me interested in the cutting edge-ness?