A short while ago I wrote about using Netbeans for my PHP development. I have been using it for a while until 1) the linux version of Netbeans begun hanging in mid code.

I got quickly tired of the inconsistencies between the windows versions and linux versions as I end up coding on both platforms.

Enter Aptana the IDE built specifically for dynamic scripted languages like PHP, ruby, python and such. Basically my neck of the woods. Aptana is about as heavy as netbeans as it is built on the eclipse platform. But the feature set in this IDE more than makes up for the weight of it.

It integrates nicely with my SSH, SVN, and FTP servers, which I basically need for my access, sync, and upload requirements respectively for most of my projects.

I am going to try this one out as well and see how it pans out. I am already impressed with it’s performance and feature set, so keep it tuned in for how it pans out.