So over the past few months I have not written anything here at all. Simply because I have been really busy with quite a few things and I am working under the assumption that I will be really busy for a while to come. I got some time now and I thought I should write something here.

What has got me busy over the past few weeks has been a Research Proposal. This is for a PhD and I really hope to get a place in the 2010/2011 academic year. It is obviously going to be in computing (Web Services and Quality of Service).

I have also been testing out all these new web 2.0 technologies and all that comes with it. The first was seesmic: I even got the blackberry app and all worked for a bit and then I got tired of it. I believe it was really about the feel of the application rather than how it worked, because I think it works fine I still prefer ubertwitter for those purposes.

Then I thought to myself, my facebook profile: I don't remember the last time I actively updated that. At first I had my status automatically updated through my twitter updates. I am not sure at which point that bridge was hacked but I started updating my facebook pages in Japanese and trying to sell anyone who bothered to translate what was on there a wii or something like that. Goes without saying... I burnt that bridge really quickly - uninstalled my facebook-twitter app and basically haven't used that profile for anything besides testing facebook integration with version 3 (which is coming out soon by the way).

I decided then to try a cross between my twitter account and a blog in the present incarnation it's a service called tumblr. I even altered my A record so that this blog was redirected to my tumblr blog. This infatuation lasted for all of 5 minutes playing around with it. What really turned me off the whole thing were the buttons on the top of the blog. They were constantly telling people to join tumblr or subscribe to my blog. I don't mind having those buttons on my blog. I just want the option to do whatever I want with my page especially when it's as themable as tumblr is. They even make your profile picture into a favicon and all that, I was impressed with the web 2.0 ruby on rails feel to the whole thing. I just wasn't that sold...

Finally traded in my Wii, I love the machine and it works beautifully since the day I bought it (the day it was launched), I have had absolutely no issues with it at all. It's been stable, fun and exhilarating. The problem I have with it though is that week in week out I see all these awesome titles released to the darkside (PS3 and XBox 360) and I feel like I'm missing out on all the action. I have always been a Nintendo fan and I believe if they were to release a higher spec version of the console that was actually able to compete with all those eye watering titles I will get myself one. For now however, I want to play some God Of War 3. And that's not on the Wii nor on the XBox so it is with a saddened heart that I say this that I am looking to get a PS3 sometime over the next few days at the expense of my Wii --- sad times.