First Attempt

First thing I had to do on my laptop (an old compaq evo N410c), is to disable visual effects because the first install window would just not draw. Once I filled in my details set up how I wanted my hard disk partitioned and clicked on install the window closed and nothing happened. (Thank God I got into work early so I could start it again).

Second Attempt

The second attempt saved me time because some of the information I put in the first time had persisted so that was not a problem. I selected the guided partition option when it got to the file system business and clicked on install again. For the second time the installer just closed down and that was the end of that.

Third attempt

At this point I think either this image I downloaded is corrupt. Or beta is not ready for my laptop. I'm going to download another image and this time run an MD5Checksum on it to make sure that it's the right image. After which I will install. On trying out the new image of my downloaded and checked image, using unetbootin to extract/decompress onto my USB stick, I still get the same trouble.

Fourth Attempt

I am going to install a clean copy of jaunty (hopefully that works) seeing as I currently use crunchbang with openbox window manager. For all I know it might be a GNOME problem but I suppose I will find out this evening. I did also notice a crash report for metacity, I am not sure how concerned I should be because of this but I am acutely aware of my laptop's graphic inadequacies, but it should be able to run jaunty and ultimately karmic without disastrous effects on productivity.


So after installing Jaunty and then bumping it up to karmic it went off without a hitch and it's actually working much better than any ubuntu worked on this laptop, bearing in mind the restrictions I have on this machine