I have been using dropbox for a while now and it has served me well on all my computers seeing as it works cross-platform and I am able to sync my files on my work laptop with my home one to my testing one. It is one of those things I find very helpful especially when I was writing my dissertation and I found little articles here and there that I wanted to read later while using my work computer or one that was not the one I was writing my dissertation on.

This morning, I read something very interesting which I can confirm that I will be using rather extensively in terms of online storage. While following WorksWithU’s tweets I read about the Ubuntu One Storage Service currently in beta, meaning you will need to be invited to use it and all that disclaimers about breaking your computer and so on.

Although at work I still have to use windows my primary Operating System still is Ubuntu and it would be nice to have a  NATIVE client on ubuntu that integrates seamlessly with an online storage system. Slightly like a little ubuntu eco-system for every user who wants it.

I’m very excited about this.