So in the past few years of my using ubuntu, I have sometimes strayed into the KDE version and then back. I am happy with GNOME, and I think it's brilliant for the way the desktop applications seem all so seamlessly integrated, although i believe it could even be better. Having said that I have not used the Version 4 incarnations of KDE ever since I heard all the horror stories and to be honest the first KDE 4 version was a total fiasco for me so I decided to wait. Having said this I did not drop my favourite music player Amarok, until it just decided not to work anymore, after which I was stuck with Rythmbox and Banshee, both of which are not very high on my preference list.

This decision gave GNOME a firmer foothold on my mountain of preference and basically helped it to climb to the top. Recently I have been quite restless with my laptop, first it was playing with the decision of whether to put Karmic Alpha 6 on my laptop, or to install Jaunty but the Kubuntu version. I have done nothing with these ideas yet but knowing myself I will get very rash in a few days and do something silly.

No here's the question, do I try to get my hands dirty with the latest incarnation of KDE 4, which i hear is a lot more stable than it was when I first tried it or do I just stick with my GNOME installation. After reading a few more KDE reviews I am not all that convinced that I will enjoy the KDE experience. Ordinarily I would install both environments on the same laptop, but I have the way it morphs my menu items under applications into something else. I like to keep both environments separate and contained. So the question goes... is the latest KDE release worth moving to if I thoroughly enjoyed using KDE 3.5 and hated KDE 4.0?